Optics for Infrared Sensors

This is our main products, and we hold one of the biggest share in Japanese domestic market for Fresnel lenses and mirrors for Infrared sensors for security field. This kind of optics are also applied in the consumer market like motion lighting switches and children’s toys.

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Multi-Segments Fresnel Lens

Both of Flat Lenses and 3D lenses (spherical lenses) are available.

Multi-Segments Mirror

This is suitable for the usage requiring high energy-efficiency and high sensitivity as there is no color aberration and energy reduction by transmittance as seen on lenses in principles. Furthermore, as it is possible to arrange the detecting areas and focal length freely, we can say it is one of the most ideal optics.

Standard Fresnel Lenses

These are standard lenses used for a security and motion lighting switch usage, which are activated by the detection of Infrared radiation from human body. Six kinds below are available at present. (Possible to see specifications as clicking on below.)

Standard Lens for PIR “JP-1”

Standard Lens for PIR “JP-2-S, JP-2-B”

Standard Lens for PIR “JP-2-IL, JP-2-R”

Standard Lens for PIR “JP-3”

Lenses for Opto-Electronics

Onto-electronics, which uses visible and near-Infrared lays and is considered one of the most important technology for today’s Factory Automation. Here are only typical examples of its diverse uses;

• Beacon for traffic information and communication
• Sensor for positioning system
• Wireless Local Area Network (LAN)
• Distance measurement device
• Image recognition device

Following semiconductors are generally needed for above application;

LED and Laser for emitter
Photo diode, Photo transistor, CCD and CMOS matrix elements for receiver

Optics like lenses are also needed for them to increase their efficiency.
Optical design is essential for the semiconductors for onto-electronics in several shapes and sizes.

Acrylic Lenses

Acrylic Lenses

Acrylic Lenses

Lenses for LED

Lens Arrays

Acrylic Fresnel Lenses


Optics for Lighting Goods

In many cases, optical products are needed when there is light source, such as a medical lighting, floating buoy, car interior lighting, garden lanterns and so on in order to make them more effective and to control their lighting direction.
Our products are favored especially for the usage demanding a high accuracy and high credibility.

Optics for Lighting Goods

Lenses for Floating Buoy


Here are some of the other products we are designing, manufacturing and selling;

• Lenses for Binoculars and Telescopes

• Display Panel
Acrylic material is generally applied. We conduct the work from injection to printing.

• Lenses for Magnifiers
Spherical, lenses and Fresnel lenses are available.

• Precision Injected Products
Our high accuracy molding technique is available for not only for optical products but also for precision injected products than optics.

Display Panels

High Precision Mirrors

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