We are consistently working with the policies, not only “To supply an optical product meeting customer’s specification” but also “To supply an optical product satisfying a customer in a customer’s application”.
Of course, an application confirmation process based on a customer’s requirement is the most important, however attending to any customer needs or complaints is also of paramount importance to us. We will immediately investigate with a customer when there exists questions and problems on a practical usage up to shipment.

Do make an unreasonable demand to us at “JAPANPLALENS”. We believe that a business chance exits on every demand that appears difficult and unprecedented.

The general production process flow of our plastic lenses is as follows;

  • STEP 1Inquiry
    Made by telephone, fax and visiting us.
  • STEP 2Confirmation of Application
    Needs information such as: delivery time, quantity and target price.
  • STEP 3Tentative Design
    Make a tentative optical design and a tentative mould design needed for making a quotation.
  • STEP 4Offer of Price and Spec.
    Re-investigate specification and quotation if needed.
  • STEP 5Firm Order
    Formally sign an order contract.
  • STEP 6Optical Design
    Use our own optical design program.
  • STEP 7Deslunoiwigstorsonk
    We design jigs for mold processing.
  • STEP 8IlauldDesigrandFrosessing
    We design the mold and begin production.
  • STEP 9Samble Injection
    Assemble mould and make adjustments of production conditions also made at this stage.
  • STEP 10Sample Approval
    Please check and approve the prototype form.
  • STEP 11Iniection at Mass-Production
    Mass production molding begins.
  • STEP 12Inspecilon
    We perform inspections and inspections.
  • STEP 13Shipmemt
    We will ship the completed molded product.

For an Acrylic Direct Cut product, follow the process flow up until Optical Design, the steps are then as follows;

Programming of Cutting and Polishing” >> “Acrylic Cutting Work” >>
“Inspection” >> “Shipment”

or the mirror or a product with special coating, follow the process flow up until Injection at Mass-Production, the steps are then as follows;

“Plating or Putting special coating” >> “Shipment”

A prism and other precision products follow the production process flow above.

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