Since we were established in 1984 we have represented a domestic manufacturing company of plastic optics and have designed and produced products always from a customer’s point of view. An optical product is essential for controlling the light of infrared, visible and ultraviolet rays, which represents opto-electronics. We recognize the most important thing is to consistently provide accuracy and quality matching for an application of customers. Our policy is to check not only a customer’s required specification, but also to meet a customer’s individual applications resulting in supplying a perfect product.

Thanks to a great process of computer controlled technologies represented by CAD and CAM, plastic moulding products recently have become very low cost manufacturing products in China and Southeast Asia, as well as Japan and Western countries. We can say that production of plastic moulding in Japan, that only follows a requirement from a drawing, is not as cost effective as those produced in other places in the world.

However, when it comes to an optical product, it is difficult to make a customer satisfied completely in their own application, even if a product was made exactly following to a customer’s drawing. A strong demand of customers is that an optical product accurately has to control the ray, even if it is a “plastic material” injecting product.
We, at JAPANPLALENS, are not the only plastic moulding manufacturer, however, we are obsessed with being an optical goods manufacturer that can manipulate the ray accurately, and who sits down and contemplates each step with customers in order to provide an optimum solution over a period of time.

Managing Director Masato Morihira
27 February 2024

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