21 September 2011 New standard Fresnel lens for PIR detectors, JP-4 was released onto Products page.
21 September 2011 The sales of Pyroelectric Motion Sensor Modules, SDS/SDH serires were finishded.
4 October 2005 New standard products, Collimator lenses "AS-NARROW" and "AS-WIDE" for Lighting LEDs are formally released onto Products page.
4 October 2004 Dimensions of JP-2 series were corrected in specifications.
4 October 2004 Specifications of SDS/SDH modules were revised..
2 February 2004 New Pyroelectric Motion Sensor Modules, SDS/SDH-JP2R was released onto Products page.
2 February 2004 The lens shape of Pyroelectric Motion Sensor Module, SDS/SDH-JP2IL was partly changed.
28 January 2004 New standard lens for PIR sensor, JP-2-R was released onto Products page.
28 January 2004 Standard lens for PIR sensor, JP-2-IL was partly improved.
6 January 2004 Add specifications of 8 types Pyroelectric Motion Sensor Module onto Products page.
24 September 2002 Add Pyroelectric Motion Sensor Modules onto Products page.
20 July 2002 Formally open URL of JAPANPLALENS CO.,LTD..


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