Business Flow

We are consistently working with the policies, not only "To supply an optical product meeting customer's specification" but also "To supply an optical product satisfying a customer in a customer's application".
Of course, an application confirmation process based on a customer's requirement is the most important, however attending to any customer needs or complaints is also of paramount importance to us. We will immediately investigate with a customer when there exists questions and problems on a practical usage up to shipment.

Do make an unreasonable demand to us at "JAPANPLALENS". We believe that a business chance exits on every demand that appears difficult and unprecedented.

The general production process flow of our plastic lenses is as follows;

Inquiry Made by telephone, fax and visiting us.
Confirmation of Application Needs information such as: delivery time, quantity and target price.
Tentative Design Make a tentative optical design and a tentative mould design needed for making a quotation.
Offer of Price and Spec. Re-investigate specification and quotation if needed.
Firm Order
Optical Design Use our own optical design program.
Design of Jigs for work
Mould Design and Processing
Sample Injection Assemble mould and make adjustments of production conditions also made at this stage.
Sample Approval
Injection at Mass-Production

For an Acrylic Direct Cut product, follow the process flow up until Optical Design, the steps are then as follows;

"Programming of Cutting and Polishing"

"Acrylic Cutting Work"



For the mirror or a product with special coating, follow the process flow up until Injection at Mass-Production, the steps are then as follows;

" Plating or Putting special coating"


A prism and other precision products follow the production process flow above.


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